If you are looking for senior home care, you need to know what to ask.

Petra puts her caregivers through a tough hiring regiment but with the simple adage of treating the client well.

—Stacy of OKC

What to consider when choosing a caregiver for the elderly,

When you need someone to check on you daily, provide assistance with every day activities and your family or friends can not always be there for you—you need caregivers that are more than just glad to help out. There are a number of questions for a potential caregiver and also for yourself that you need to look at:


• How long have they been in business

• How are they trained

• Will you be paying for services and skills you do not need?

• How are caregivers selected

• Are they suited to your loved ones lifestyle, temperament, and specific living arrangements

• Will they merge into your existing schedules and routines or will they want to change your lifestyle to fit their services?


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