Our services include:

Experienced Companion/Social Care

We provide companionship and assist you in

living your life as independently as possible.


Assistance with Personal Care

Our caregivers can help with a number of the

normal every day personal and private



Housekeeping Tasks Available

We will be happy to assist in the light housekeeping and upkeep of your house.


Individual Services Available

When you do need someone to check on you daily, want someone to call you to make sure everything is going well, or have someone sleep over, we are happy to provide you with assistance.

Helping mature people is more than a calling for us.


At Assured Help Senior Care, we are dedicated to providing assistance and
companionship to our clients so they can live their life as independently as possible.
When given a choice, most seniors prefer to remain in their home rather than move to
    a facility. We provide that option to stay at home.


                      If you need short term relief or long term care, our caregivers are
                          available. We are happy to answer all your questions in detail. You can
                              call and schedule an appointment with no obligation. We want you to
                                   investigate your options so you can make an informed decision.

Assured Help Senior Care

Licensed Companion/Sitter Service

License # CSS0001

Oklahoma State Board of Health

I am very thankful that Petra came into our lives, I needed help with my father, who wasn't the best patient. She was always there to help with everything.

—Stacy of OKC

Call Assured Help Senior Care at (405) 819-4696 to find out more about our expert home care.