We provide the best senior in home care in OKC.

Our available individual services:

Peace of mind safety checks by phone:

   Calls in the morning and evening to ensure a person’s well being

   Provide the human contact in this automated world

   Designed to provide additional safety to fiercely independent

      seniors and those that are isolated


   Alleviate fears of seniors that are active during the day
      but may be at risk of falling at night

Sitter services:

   12 hour shifts when immediate attention is needed

   Available during an acute illness or hospital stay

   Provided within a 50 mile radius of Oklahoma City

24/7 live-in care:

   Short-term, long-term, and respite programs

Hourly services from 4 hours and up:

   For light housekeeping, laundry cooking, appointments etc

      or when just a little help is needed, family is working or just

      needs a break.


Peace of Mind Calls

Every Morning & Evening we will call you or a loved one and talk for a few minutes, providing much needed human contact and care. During this time we will also listen for any serious problems and take appropriate steps to remedy them. If we do not get an answer when calling, we will call back 30 minutes later, if there is still no answer, we will check on the client physically to make sure they do not need medical attention or, in emergencies, take appropriate steps.


Sleep-Over Service

Seniors who are independent and function well during the daytime hours are often concerned at night that something will happen and nobody is around to help. For those seniors, having a caregiver spend the night may be ideal. It will ensure the senior's safety but not take away their independence.


Sitter Services

Sitter Services are available to clients in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted or independent living facilities or the client’s home. Sitter Services are intended to provide peace of mind to families and clients during times a client needs immediate attention and help. During times of crisis, acute illnesses or prior to passing, clients benefit from individual, immediate attention around the clock. Sitter Services are scheduled in 12 hour shifts since caregivers can not sleep during that time.

  Services are provided in a 50 mile radius of Oklahoma City and can be set up on short notice.


24/7 Live-in Care

Services may be short or long term and require at least a 24 hour notice to be set up. Services are provided in a 50 mile radius of Oklahoma City.

Our available housekeeping tasks:

Picking up; Sweeping; Mopping; Vacuuming; Dusting

  Laundry; Light ironing; Dropping off /picking up dry

    cleaning; Changing Linens; Making Beds

 Plant Care; Pet Care; Organizing closets, pantries, desks


Light Housekeeping Services

Caregivers at Assured Help Senior provide a wide range of light housecleaning. These tasks include dusting, mopping, vacuuming

as well as keeping the house picked up, making sure kitchen and bathrooms are sanitary,  checking to insure that the food in pantries, fridge & freezer is not expired and safe to eat. They will also look after plants and pets.

The Caregivers will make sure that medications in cabinets

are not expired, current medications are stored according to instructions (eg. insulin in fridge) and keep the house

generally organized.

Cooking heart-healthy food is also available including

preparing special diets, such as diabetic, low or

no salt diet, soft food, and pureed diets.

We have been licensed longer than any other Oklahoma service provider

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